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OC Meme of doom by ky390 OC Meme of doom by ky390
Original: [link]


flame-My first OC!8D

well i thought i already explained him but oh well, we all know what he's like in human but in pokemon form he's totally the opposite 8D and if give him an oran berry he will do anything

Zekai-a newly created OC :3

i created him out of randomness, so theres no backstory 8D

KY-Do you seriously need me to explain this OC?

Batchero- Gaming OC

he has religious parents who are strict christans but he just loves to invent stuff and loves science but theres a better piccy of him in my gallery xD and more info^^

2nd row!

Legs- another pokemon gijinka?!?

*sigh* i wish i could enter him in PDA...anyway legs is a spinarak(yes i know KY has a pet spider named legs but thats another story for another time)who is lvl 100 and lives in arnies hoodie but is never used for battles and contests unless desperately needed.

Blaze-Pokemon gijinka 8D

info on featured piccy 8D

Dusk and Dawn- twin OCs

Dusk is the older and nocturnal OC whilst Dawn is the younger and diurnal OC but even though these two are twins they're total opposites and Dusk can see into the future whilst Dawn can see the past 8D

3rd row!

arnie-OC Pokemon trainer!

he is 6 yrs old and currently living in hoenn(Fortree city)but he just wants to go and adventure but yet his dad is forcing him to become the next gym leader of fortree city.

Zapp- an OC created during my phase of digimon

Zapp was raised by a family of Dorugamon(more to come^^)

Kuki-i think we all know who he is

that is what KY's wolf parents named him(you seriously thought he was raised by humans?)but he never uses it, instead he changed it to KY to sound more awesome 8D(also so he wouldn't be picked on by others)

Trickery(Toy Form)-in ~sunny3's story

Trickery is one of the demons travelling with insanity but to deceive people in the human world he got put in the body of a cuddly toy which every human finds absolutely adorable(looks much better drawn xD)

4th row!

Kuzon- A firebender who has a split personality that is his ancestor xD

Kuzon is a 12 yr old kid who has the spirit of Nozuk(pronounced Nozack). Nozuk is a firebender that hates Metal benders and is more powerful than Kuzon but other than that you'll have to read Elementa to find out but it not be published yet xD

Shinji- a Smart but yet hyper OC

Shinji comes from a rich family and knows all the rules of proper ediquite for rich people but he keeps his rich life a secret

Shao- A demon OC that rules Mogorth

Shao keeps an eye on world and all those who live in it, but yet he also controls the seasons and looks after all the souls he stars in my story Second sight

Rac- My evil villian who's scared of needles

Rac is Mr. Duskblades sidekick, but yet he steals stuff so he can hack into anything but if he steals something of yours you can easily tell because he leaves his logo(it be a racoon 8D)

Klix- Soul Eater OC

Klix is Everest's Weapon but is scared of nearly everything, when scared he transform into a dagger but other than that he can transform into a variety of swords for everest^^

Neo-experiement 023

Neo's purpose is to change peoples emotions causing people to go evil, etc.

the end!
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TheWolfMage Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2011  Student Artist
ok, first when I saw zekai my face went from =/ to =D
(my head is gonna exsplode from cuteness!)

you got sooo many interesting OC's!!
ky390 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
and there may be more to come :3
NeonLanterns Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010  Student General Artist
I love these oc memes XD
ky390 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Memes are fun when you have a drawers block xD
NeonLanterns Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010  Student General Artist
Rhe-Pixels Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
Cool. Where is the original meme? Needs a link in the description :D
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October 13, 2010
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